We would like to personally thank you for dining with Mr. and Mrs. Crab. We hope you enjoy our delicious food and comfortable atmosphere, and we’re certain that once you try it, you will be sharing our food and story with friends and family. Mr. and Mrs. Crab offers a diverse range of juicy seafood, including shrimp, oysters, blue crab, snow crab, crawfish, clams, mussels, Dungeness crab, and lobster.

All of our seafood is sold according to weight. Once weighed, the crabs and other seafood will be mixed with the restaurant’s famous sauce and served in steam bags. Instead of the traditional methods of using a knife and fork, hands are applied directly. The restaurant will provide gloves, bibs, and other “tools” upon request. The finger-licking goodness of Mr. and Mrs. Crab seafood will leave a lingering flavorful taste in your mouth!

Mr and Mrs Crab’s hand-held seafood integrates American country taste with the traditional Chinese Szechuan spicy flavor to create a unique taste. It’s flavors have received a flood of good reviews. Free from the traditional table manners, this unique method of eating seafood creates a free-spirited and comfortable environment for customers. The help retain its flavors, Mr and Mrs Crab serves all seafood in a plastic steam bag. Customers can grab directly from the bag when eating this method is simple and rustic, but can make customers leave the restaurant hearty and satisfied.

The restaurant allows customers to create their own seafood combinations and choose their individual spicing levels. There are many fresh seafood choices: king crab, lobster, crawfish, Alaskan snow crab, blue crab, red shrimp, squid, oysters, mussels, etc. The seafood can be combined with one of the four unique sauces available in the restaurant. There are Cajun, lemon pepper, garlic butter seasoning, and garlic butter only.

The spicing level ranges from slightly spicy, mild, very spicy to extremely spicy. The choice is totally yours to decide. Your combination also comes with a mix of corn and potatoes or other side dishes such as sausage and boiled eggs. It may be called a “Treasure Box” of seafood serving and you can eat to your heart’s desire a variety of flavors. Whether you dine alone, with another or two persons, or with a group, you can always enjoy heartily and never expect to waste food. The restaurant also offers a variety of different seating options from booths, semi-isolated tables to grand dining hall suitable for a party.

The goal of Mr. & Mrs. Crab is to let every customer experience an unforgettable journey with tasty, spicy, sour and sweet flavors, and create an extremely popular hand—helped seafood. As soon as you open the bag on the table, a hot air accompanied by the flavor of the restaurant’s unique sauce will greet your nostrils. Now, put on your gloves and bibs, and a journey of delicious seafood service begins.